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Who is “Remo”?

Remo is a grower and a medical cannabis patient, based in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Back in 2001, he became one of the first people in Canada to be allowed to grow cannabis at home and carry it on himself legally, for medicinal purposes. Since then, he has been teaching people to grow safely and legally, and has been producing cannabis content on Youtube channel since 2006 ( He developed the Remo Nutrients line in 2014 as a way to help people grow the cleanest and best cannabis, in a way that is both easy and cost effective.

How many products are in the Remo Nutrients line?

There are 8 Remo Nutrients products in total. Seven of them are liquid nutrients that are designed to be used together during the full grow cycle. The eighth is Remo’s Roots, a cloning gel product.

I’m short on cash. Do I need to use the full Remo line?

The base nutrients are Micro, Grow, and Bloom – these have all of the essential ingredients that your plants need to grow through the full cycle. We highly recommend using the Magnifical, our calcium/magnesium/nitrogen supplement, as it can assist in preventing deficiencies (every strain is different). The remaining additives (Velokelp, Nature’s Candy, and AstroFlower) can be omitted if you want to save money, and you will still be able to grow happy plants. However, you will notice a significant difference in both quantity and quality, likely enough to justify the extra expense, if you use the complete line of products.

Where can I purchase Remo Nutrients?

Check out our store locator: Store Locator

There are several online options as well if you are not seeing a store near you. A quick “remo nutrients” web search should give you those options – if you are still not finding anything, please feel free to contact us and we can help you.

How can I become a retailer of Remo Nutrients?

Contact us and ask for an account application. Depending on where in the world you are located, we may direct you to one of our DISTRIBUTORS

Can I buy REMO swag (t-shirts, hats, etc)?

No, we don’t sell that stuff! Generally we only give it away at trade shows, etc, and we also give it to stores that sell our products so they can pass it on to their customers. If there’s a store you buy your Remo products from, ask them about Remo swag and tell them they can contact us to have a box sent to them.

When using the full line of Remo Nutrients as directed, do I need to feed anything else to my plants?

Your plants don’t “need” anything else. The most common things that people add are enzymes or microbial products, but these are optional. Both of these are completely fine to add to the Remo line. It’s always good to check with us before adding any additional products – most likely they won’t cause any harm, but more often than not, the ingredients are already included in the Remo line.

When do I start feeding nutrients to my plants?

For seeds: When you see the first set of 2 serrated leaves, which is usually about 2 weeks after germination. Before that, they are getting all the nutrients they need from the seed itself.

For clones: As soon as the clones are rooted, they’re pretty much ready to go.

How often do I need to feed nutrients to my plants?

Because plants uptake Remo Nutrients so easily, it’s important to make sure they are fed regularly to avoid deficiencies. Typically a plant should be watered/fed every other day and we recommend feeding every time you water, but this comes down to grower’s preference. It’s fine to include straight water once in a while but we don’t recommend skipping nutrients in more than one out of every 2 or 3 feeds (feed-feed-water or feed-feed-feed-water).

My plants aren’t looking happy and I’m not sure why. Can you help me with this?

We are always happy to help any grower using our nutrients, whether your problem is nutrition related or not.  You can contact us via DM on any of our social channels (links?), through the Contact page on our website, or by calling us toll-free at 1-855-HEY-REMO (hours: M-F, 8:30-4:30 PST).  We have many growers on staff and our main goal is for you to have happy, healthy plants.

How many weeks do I veg for?

That is up to grower’s preference. The longer you veg, the bigger your plants will be. Bigger plants are not always better. Average veg time is around 3-5 weeks.

How many weeks do I flower for?

This is entirely strain dependent. Most strains have an 8-11 week flower time.

Can Remo Nutrients be used with autoflower seeds?

Yes. Just follow the regular feed chart for autoflowers. Flowering starts when the pistils (white hairs) start to form in the leaf junctions.  As soon as you see these, switch to the flowering formula, you’re in week 1 of flower.

Does it matter which order I mix the nutrients?

No.  The nutrients are all chelated, so they will mix up regardless of the order you add them.

How long should I flush for?

Grower’s choice.  We recommend 7-21 days.

Why do I need to flush?

You’ll want to feed your plants with only water for the last couple weeks before harvest to ensure any residual elements (any nutrients your plants didn’t uptake during the grow cycle) are flushed out of the flower, leaving you with the cleanest product possible. The main difference between flushed and unflushed flower is in the burn – if it burns black, it’s not flushed well enough…you want it to burn as white as possible

What should my nutrient solution pH be?

For optimal nutrient uptake, pH should be between 5.8 and 6.5.

Are your nutrients pH buffering?

No. pH will always depend on the pH of your starting water, it’s not possible to guarantee that pH will end up within a specific range. However, the line is pH stable – that means that after mixing and pH buffering (if necessary), the pH won’t change. Also, if you are always using the same nutrient ratios and the same water, the quantity of pH buffer will be consistent every time.

I used a pH Up to buffer my nutrient solution and now my pH is too high. Can I add a pH down to bring it where it needs to be?

We recommend you only use one or the other.  Repeatedly buffering the same nutrient solution can cause chemical shock leading to the possibility of nutrient fallout and constant fluctuating pH.  Because our line is pH stable, if you’re using the same water source every time, you should be able to add the same amount of buffering agent on each mix.  With that in mind, if you overshoot your pH, you will need to try again.  The quantity of buffer is relative to the quantity of water you’re mixing in.  If you’re worried about accuracy, start with a smaller nutrient batch on your first mix and scale up.

When should I check my pH?

Check it after mixing your nutrients, and before feeding the solution to your plants.

Do I need to use reverse osmosis (RO) water with Remo Nutrients?

Our feed chart is meant to be used with RO water (that means the water has very little or no TDS/EC).  Treated (municipal) water is usually fine if the TDS content is below 200ppm.

If well water is being used, you may need to make adjustments if you are in an area that has very hard ground water…and, as a general rule, if you wouldn’t drink the water, don’t grow with it.

Can I use Remo Nutrients with a deep water culture (DWC) system?

Yes.  When using our Nutrient Calculator, select “Hydroponics” for the Grow Medium and that will give you the right quantities for DWC.  You may decide you want to omit our more organic heavy products (Velokelp, Nature’s Candy), to avoid clogging the lines.  This is up to grower’s preference, though.  As long as the lines are cleaned regularly (you can clean once a week with H2O2 or use an enzyme product in your system to help eat away at any build up) you should be able to include the organic products without issue.

I’ve noticed my PPMs with Remo Nutrients come in at a lot lower than competing brands. Does this mean it’s not as strong?

No. We use high quality chelated ingredients, and no chlorides or carbonates. This means that the plants uptake them quickly and easily, and there is very little “waste” that the plant is not uptaking. Our PPMs do come in lower, but that doesn’t mean that the plant is getting less nutrients. It also means that our nutrients flush out more rapidly at the end of the cycle, resulting in a cleaner final product.

Can I use Remo Nutrients with an automated fertigation system?

Yes.  We have tested our full line in many different fertigation systems and there are many commercial facilities that are currently using it successfully.  With that in mind, not all fertigators are the same and there may be some suggestions that we can provide to make your experience easier. We have experts on staff that are very knowledgeable about fertigation systems and can help you dial in your system.  Contact us for personalized advice on this – we are happy to help!

Can I foliar feed with Remo products?

Yes, either or both Velokelp and Magnifical can be used as a foliar spray at a rate of 10ml/L (maximum) each.  However, the best way to feed your plants is through the roots.  Foliar feeding with Velokelp is useful in the very beginning stages of growth (clones, seedlings) and to quickly relieve your plants from any high stress situations (e.g. transplant shock).  Foliar feeding with Magnifical is useful for quick deficiency fixes.

You can mix the two concentrated products together ahead of time in one bottle for convenience but if you do this, you should use the pre-mix within 24 hours.

I heard that some licensed cannabis producers are not allowed to foliar feed. Does that mean foliar feeding is unsafe?

No. Foliar feeding is completely safe, if done correctly. It should be done only during the propagation (seeding and clones) and vegetative cycles. Foliar feeding is great when encountering a deficiency situation, allowing your plants to absorb nutrients as fast as possible. Foliar feeding should never be done during flowering as there’s a risk of contaminating bud sites.

If you are a licensed producer, we recommend checking the rules regarding foliar feeding in cultivation before using our products in this manner.

What grow medium do you recommend?

Coco coir is generally what we recommend, as it is very easy to work with and it has very little nutrient charge, so you have complete control over your plants’ nutrient needs. However, Remo Nutrients can be used with any grow medium. Regardless of what you use, it’s best to check whether the medium already has nutrients added before jumping in.

I’m currently using another nutrient brand but am interested in switching to Remo. Do I have to finish my current run and start Remo on the next one, or can I switch right away?

Every plant, every strain is different so we usually recommend either starting in veg (any time), or starting at the beginning of flower. Technically speaking, you should be able to add it at any time but there’s no need to assume the risk if you don’t need to.

I'm hesitant to by a liquid nutrient line (vs powdered fertilizers). Am I just paying extra for water?

There’s a few reasons why a liquid line like ours works better than powder:

  1. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring the solubility of ingredients, including the order they are mixed in and the temperature of the water.  We take that guesswork and risk out for you with our consistent, quality controlled manufacturing process.
  2. Our organic-synthetic hybrid formula includes inherently liquid ingredients, including cold pressed kelp extract, humic acid, and molasses.
  3. Our chelated formula is specially designed to be delivered as a liquid – it doesn’t work well as a powder.  This allows it to be easily taken up by the plants, leaving little in the soil by the end of harvest. Powder formulas usually have a higher salt content but the plants don’t uptake it as easily leading to a higher salt buildup in the soil.
  4. The main reason why people want to use powder is because it’s cheaper, but when you actually look at the price per gram/gallon, taking into account how much of our product you need to use, ours is comparable or less expensive than competing powder lines.
Are Remo Nutrients Health Canada approved?

Nutrients and Fertilizers aren’t regulated by Health Canada, and therefore, Health Canada does not “approve” us. However, we are compliant with all their regulations and can be used by Health Canada approved Licensed Producers.

Are Remo Nutrients Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved?


Is Remo Nutrients organic?

No, we are an organic-synthetic hybrid line.

Are you going to come out with an organic line of Remo Nutrients?

We don’t have plans for that within the foreseeable future. We believe our line produces the healthiest and cleanest cannabis possible, and we wouldn’t be able to achieve that with a 100% organic line. We also don’t use any animal products (many organic products do) and we don’t want to compromise on that.

Do you test your products for heavy metals?

Yes, CFIA requires us to test for heavy metals on a regular basis. We always come in at acceptable levels. Cannabis grown with our nutrient products have undetectable levels of heavy metals.

Can I add a potassium silicate product to the Remo line?

Yes, although Velokelp has a small amount of naturally occurring ortho silicic acid as a result containing the kelp extracts.  It’s only a little, but this amount should be enough for your plants.

If you do decide to use a silicate product, just make sure you check your pH and TDS/EC after adding it as it can have a large impact on both.

Do I need to add a PK booster to Remo Nutrients?

No. AstroFlower is our PK Booster.

What is the shelf life of Remo Nutrients?

2-3 years if kept at room temperature and closed.

If opened, it’s best to use the product within 6 months.

One of my bottles of Remo Nutrients seems to have a bit of crystallization. Is it still OK to use?

Yes. This sometimes happens when the our nutrients are exposed to freezing temperatures (even just for a short time).   Warm it up by putting it in your room or tent with the lights on, or submerge the jug in hot water, then give it a good shake and some of the crystallization may reconstitute.

Regardless, the concentration will only be minimally affected and can still be used, just avoid pouring any of the precipitate into your mixing container.

On your Nutrient Calculator, what does “Res Size” mean?

Res Size refers to reservoir size, which is the size of container (or how much water) you are mixing your nutrients in.  If you are mixing in a 1 gallon jug, your res size is 1 gallon.

On your Nutrient Calculator, what does “Batches per week” mean?

Batches per week refers to how many times per week you use up the water/nutrient mix in your reservoir. If you use the whole thing every time you feed and you feed 4 times per week, it’s 4 batches per week. If you mix it on Sunday and then feed it throughout the week to your plants, and use it up by the following Sunday, that would be 1 batch per week.

On your Nutrient Calculator, what does “# of flower rooms” refer to?

This is helpful for larger facilities with multiple rooms that want to estimate their nutrient needs. For most people, this will be left at 1.

If you have multiple rooms, you can calculate your product demands for multiple rooms of approximately the same size.

When does week 1 of the vegetative cycle start (when do I start feeding nutrients to my plants)?

For seeds: When you see the first set of 2 perforated leaves, which is usually about 2 weeks after germination. Before that, they are getting all the nutrients they need from the seed itself.

For clones: As soon as the clones are rooted, they’re pretty much ready to go.

After mixing, how long will my nutrient solution last?

Around 7-10 days.

I’ve seen some people saying to use Nature’s Candy during the veg cycle, but it doesn’t say that on your feed chart. Should I be using Nature’s Candy during veg or not?

If you are using microbes, Nature’s Candy is a good additive during the full grow cycle (including veg) because it will feed the beneficial microbes. If you’re not using microbes, there’s no point in using Nature’s Candy during veg (it won’t hurt anything, but no need to spend the money).

Can I use Nature’s Candy during flush?

Yes, Nature’s Candy has no NPK, so it is safe to use in flush. You will probably notice a nice difference in flavour if you continue Nature’s Candy through the flush period, however, we still recommend flushing for at least a week with just water. So, if you are flushing for 14 days, do 7 days with Nature’s Candy and then another 7 days with straight water.