The 5

In ancient times, it was believed that everything in the known world was made from one of the 5 earthly elements: water, earth, wood, fire, and metal. Each element brings it’s own unique characteristics which, if properly balanced, provide the building blocks for all living things.

Using this concept, we’ve put focus and attention on both specifically targeted areas, and the collective interaction of those areas. Our complete Remo Nutrients feed system provides a harmonious balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and extracts that your plants need to thrive.

Water is the foundation of life, our base nutrients provide your feed foundation.
Flowering is affected by the light and energy from the sun.
The strength of an alloy comes from additives that improve overall quality.
The body of a plant is comprised of many different plant tissues, providing heartiness and durability.
Every plant starts at the roots, drawing essential nutrients out of the soil.